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Possibly the most iconic structures in the world are the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. 4000 years old and none of the technology we have today can come close to reproducing them or even figuring out how they were made in the first place. The sheer ingenious that went into them is astounding, their size, age and astronomical positioning are unmatched in the rest of the world; how did a civilization 4000 years ago build these monuments out of 6 million tons of limestone boulders per pyramid, which they cut with incredible accuracy and then transported and stacked the 25-80 ton blocks into a pyramid that was so perfectly aligned with the constellation of Orion that the peaks point to each of the stars in Orion’s Belt. We know they built them as burial tombs for their Pharaohs, but not how; the fact that we couldn’t build something like this even if we tried is probably the most interesting thing about the pyramids. How could they lift so many stones so high and with them being so heavy?

The Perfect Summer Day
No matter where you live or what your favorite season is, everyone loves a warm summer’s day. Not so hot that you sweat and bugs swarm, but not so cool that you need extra clothing. Not so cloudy that you can’t see the sun, but not so clear that you fear being burned. There’s nothing you can’t do on a warm summer day, and nobody that you can’t do it with. A light breeze to keep you and your friends cool as you race around the neighborhood playing various games of tag and hide and seek. The smell of several barbeques burning as families cook up traditional summer treats like hot dogs and hamburgers. The birds chirping, the bees buzzing, the various animals calling to one another, nothing is quite as perfect as a summer’s day.

plans for next year

For the next year I still don’t plan ahead, but I hope to graduate from Climax-Scotts as Valedictorian and maybe start attending college at KVCC, but only for the basic and necessary classes. Other than that I want to get a job and a car, maybe even an apartment. Hopefully the weather won’t get much hotter; it’s bad enough as it is now, in fact just the other day I cooked a four course dinner on the sidewalk, the loose bits of gravel made for very delicious seasonings. Even though most of my friends have graduated, I hope to still get to hang out with them over the summer... then I plan to become an astronaut and conquer far away planets with a thousands of clones in my personal army, claiming all the treasures of each new world for my own, I will then return to Earth as the richest man ever and I will then buy the Earth and make all the countries into one super-empire, with my castle built inside of Mt. Everest. This shall all happen within one year; otherwise I’ll be very bored. If I get too bored I might just stay home and be on the internet as much as I can with very few and short breaks for eating and using the bathroom… showers and sleep are not necessary to building my virtual social life with dozens of complete strangers, who for all I know, could be spies or creepy old men with nothing better to do than stalk children on the internet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

What i am looking forward to

What I am looking forward to… obviously summer vacation, because that means no more school and lots of extra sleep... but other than that I hope to get a job soon, I’d rather not have to take a position at a fast-food restaurant because I don't like having to work in a small space, and they usually get a lot of customers during lunchtime, and I don't think I want to know how they prepare their food... I have a sneaking feeling that I wouldn't be too happy about it. I would prefer to work somewhere with good pay and a relaxed environment; I was thinking of applying for a job at celebration cinema because they keep the theater really clean and I always enjoy going to see movies there. I need a job so I can start buying the things I want, like a car for myself and these tickets to an upcoming music festival I found out about the other day. The event will feature some of my favorite electronic artists, like Skrillex and Flux Pavilion; it will be held on June 16th and 17th of this year in Chicago, and I really, really hope I can make it. Other than that, I don’t usually plan these things too far ahead.

rotten tomatoes
for my review i chose avatar, i have seen this movie three times, and it is still an awesome experience. the critics gave it an 83%, and the fans gave it a 92%, i suppose i can be happy with these ratings, because thats their oppinoin. the movie is about a space marine that travels to a distant planet called pandora. he is there to replace his brother, who died in combat. the marine (jake sully) is in a science program that puts the minds of the marines into the bodies of the native species, the Na'vi. After meeting, and falling in love with the princess of the nearby tribe, jake chooses to stand and fight against the marines, who want to tear apart the land so they can mine for a rare mineral. i highly reccomend this movie for anyone who enjoys science-fiction movies with a lot of action and a surprising amount of touching romance. (certainly a better choice than twilight...)

top ten

My Top Ten Shows

1: Big Bang Theory
This is my favorite show because it's very funny, and i like to see if i know what they're talking about.

2:Two and a Half Men
This show has the same producer as big bang, so its also funny, just in a different way.

3: The Simpsons
I used to watch this show a long time ago, and we just now got cable back, so i can watch it again.

4: Family Guy
I love this show because of all the random jokes that they make, plus the fight scenes are hilarios.

5: American Dad
Very similar to family guy, but the jokes are better, and the fight scenes aren't as funny.

6: Scrubs
I like this show because the characters always have something funny to say, especially dr. cox.

7: How It's Made
Who hasn't wondered how everyday items come to be?

8: The Universe
I want to be anstronomer some day, so this program is very helpful, plus it blows my mind.

9: Pawn Stars
This show was the first to air, all of the other pawn shows are just knockoffs...

10: America's Got Talent
The people on this show can do some amazing things, not all of them are good.